10. Loughborough University:Aspectes Psicològics de l’Esport

Aquest article es fa resó ,per primeva vegada, d’una publicació d’investigació de l’Universitat de Loughborouh. En ella s’explica les entrevista que es varen fer a 12 campions olimpics per trobar característiques mentasl comuns que expliquessin els seus èxits. El resultat es força interesant i força sencill d’extrapolar a QUALSEVOL  noi /noia que s’inicia en la pràctica esportiva.  L’article està expresament en anglès per  deixar constància que valors com Optimisme(optimism) Proactivitat (proactivity) Resilència (resilence) entre d’altres , són universals.

“As Olympic athletes make their final preparations for the biggest sporting competition of their lives, sport and performance psychologists at Loughborough University have published research that can help them overcome and even thrive on the pressure to win Olympic gold.

Dr David Fletcher and Mustafa Sarkar interviewed 12 Olympic champions and found they share a unique mental resilience characterised by five key psychological attributes:

A positive personality: Olympic champions possess positive personality characteristics including openness to new experiences, conscientiousness, competitiveness, optimism and proactivity.

Motivation: Gold medallists have multiple internal (i.e. passion for the sport) and external (i.e. proving their worth) motives for competing at the highest level. Champions consciously judge external pressures as important and so choose to perform in challenging sports environments.

Confidence: Gained from various sources including multifaceted preparation, experience, self-awareness, visualisation, coaching and team mates.

Focus: Champions are able to focus on themselves without distraction, and to concentrate on the process rather than the outcome of events.

Perceived social support: Olympic gold medallists believe high quality social support is available to them, including from family, coaches, team mates and support staff.”

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